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Terms of Service

1. Basic agreement

This agreement is done between site (the “RP” or “website”), and any individual, company or organization (the “customer”), who uses this website for repair and maintenance of computers. This agreement is legally binding. The service will be provided and based on the service conditions contained in this agreement which details the obligations of both parties.

2. Conditions for receiving service

In order to use the website’s services, the customer has to accept these terms. You agree to the conditions specified in this contract to use RP services.

3. Service fee

A. The website will provide testing services and remote diagnosis of the client’s computer for free, in order to give the customer a quote. There is also an option for the customer to choose a service package with a predetermined price. After receiving the payment, the customer’s money is kept in a special account that is only used for that purpose. If the customer is not completely satisfied with the received service, he can request a refund within 30 days, beginning from the date he received the service. The customer needs to be able to justify the claim. It’s impossible to handle specific customer problems on this website, so please consult us personally. The money will be returned to the customer’s credit card or PayPal account.

B. The website’s experts will make an effort to take care of any issue concerning the client’s computer. In a rare minority of cases we won’t be able to fix the computer. In this case the website is free of any responsibility or obligation for the client’s computer repair. The customer will receive a full refund of the payment to his PayPal account or credit card.

C. Although the website is trying to be as accurate as possible in the quotation, in some cases the price may undergo a change due to unexpected situations, such as if additional work is required. The customer has the right to deny the purchase of these additional services. In this case the website will be released from the contractual conditions and cannot guarantee optimal service results.

4. Remote support services

A. RP provides repair and maintenance service of computers over the Internet. This service requires an Internet connection in the client’s computer. Therefore, the customers are required to install special software on their computer to allow our technicians to get access and fix the computers. The customer agrees to allow RP technicians unlimited access to the entire computer tools, files and programs. After the work is completed, the site’s experts will remove all the programs installed by RP for accessing and handling the customer’s computer.
B. Occasionally RP may recommend that you install software that is not related to RP and is designed by other experts’ websites.
Despite this, the website won’t hold responsibility for any issues caused by third parties’ software. Therefore, the website will not be responsible for any damage or loss of data caused by such installation. The terms of this agreement do not apply to any software provided by a third party. RP does not constitute any representation concerning services or software of any third party. In addition, the customer agrees that the RP experts are allowed to install, move or copy data on the client’s computer.
C. In rare cases, as a result of an irregular situation on the client’s computer (hardware), RP experts won’t be able to complete their job and won’t achieve the results the clients want. In this case, the client should obtain and replace the defective part of the hardware within seven days, otherwise the website is released from the conditions of this contract.

5. Customer obligations

A. The customer agrees that he is legally authorized to perform the services to enable repair and maintenance of his computer. RP won’t make any effort to clarify this authority and will be deemed responsible in cases where the customer has violated this condition.
B. The customers should back up all of their files, because some situations can cause unexpected damages. RP is not responsible for any loss of data and any of its related costs, damages or expenses that occurred as a result of data loss or damage. This section applies to the period of service and also to the period after the service.

6. Privacy

The website may have to collect the customer’s personal information such as phone number, e-mail address, home address or other information that is relevant to the service. The website doesn’t expose any part of the customer’s personal information to any third party without obtaining the customer’s approval beforehand.
Nevertheless, the website reserves itself the right to keep the client’s personal information for future use by the site or by its subsidiaries in the relevant areas. The site will not disclose any information that was received regarding the duration of the repair process of the client`s computer or anything else about him.

7. Warranty

RP will always make every effort to ensure that all repairs have been completed successfully. However, RP provides a limited warranty of 30 days which begins immediately after the repair was finished. Any request for warranty repair will be handled personally. RP reserves itself the right to decide whether the repair service can be carried out under the warranty or not. This warranty does not apply to situations in which the damage on a client’s computer is caused by viruses or malware which penetrated after the client received service from the site, because the site is not responsible for customer’s operations after completion of the service.

8. Home repair service or service at the client’s office

A. In addition, to provide repair and maintenance services remotely, RP also offers its services at the client’s home or office. In these cases the conditions mentioned above still apply, if applicable.
B. You may have heard that RP experts also replace hardware components on the client’s computer to regulate its activity. If these parts break down, they will be replaced but only as long as they are covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty. The website doesn’t offer any independent responsibility for these parts. If the manufacturer’s original warranty has expired, the website will not be responsible for replacement of the part or special parts of the above-mentioned sections.

9. Changes to the Terms of Service

RP reserves itself the right to make changes to its Terms of Service at any time, without giving prior notice to the customer. The conditions still apply to the customer, whether he has received the notice of the change or not.

Limitation of liability

Under no circumstances will PR be responsible for any kind of damage, unless it was caused due to negligence by RP or its website. Any action against RP concerning this agreement or its related services will not exceed the total amount of damages to be calculated on the amount that the customer paid for services prior to the dispute website.
No actions regarding any disagreements related to the aforementioned contract will be considered valid if taken during a period exceeding one year after receiving the service.

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