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Graphics Card Repair in Laptops

video chipThe graphics card is a very important part of any laptop. It processes images and transfers them to the screen. It has its own processor and memory and thereby it is reducing the workload of the main CPU and the system memory. Most laptop graphics cards are built onto the motherboard and cannot be separated.

As a result there are only three options in case the graphics card goes bad: replacing the entire motherboard, repairing the existing graphics card or buying a new laptop.

Still, in most cases it will be better to repair the graphics card, if the repair is performed by a professional laptop technician in the right place.

The most obvious signs of a faulty graphics card in a laptop:

  • The computer turns on, but there is no picture or a black screen.
  • The screen displays artifacts (usually colored squares).
  • The screen displays vertical or horizontal symmetric lines.
  • The computer displays colored lines or squares for a moment and then freezes.
  • The computer freezes in the middle of work.
  • A splitted screen repeating the same picture.
  • A laptop gives series of beeps but nothing on the screen (can be RAM memory problem as well).

By connecting an external monitor you can better identify the defective part: graphics card or LCD panel. If the external screen displays a good picture, in most cases the defective part will be the LCD panel and not the graphics card.

Why does the graphics card of a laptop go bad?

There are many components on a graphics card. Among the most important and complicated is the graphics chip that is at fault. The most common reason is overheating, as the cooling fan and the heat sink are clogged with dust or there is another cooling problem. Another reason can be found in the chip itself that was of poor quality in the first place.

Repair a laptop graphics card

Video chip replacementA graphics card repair should be performed ONLY by a professional PC technician in a lab.

Usually the video chip should be replaced. It is a BGA component and can be replaced only using hot air or infrared BGA Rework Station. To proceed with this, the laptop needs to be disassembled completely and prepared for motherboard’s graphics chip replacement.

You need to be careful with labs that offer a “temporary fix” and take a lot of money. A “temporary fix” means heating the video chip to about 150 degrees which revives the graphics card and the computer will continue to work for a short time (a week to a few months). Then the problem will return. In addition, if you don’t replace the faulty chip by a genuine NEW video chip the chances that the problem will return are high.

Why should you do a graphics card repair at our lab?

  • We are very experienced in repairing graphics cards and very responsible for what we do.
  • We install only new chips.
  • We repair graphics cards at the lowest price possible without mediation.
  • If there is a reason not to repair a video card, we will recommend you to buy a new laptop.
  • Graphics card repair will be done FAST, usually within one day if there is a graphics chip in stock, otherwise it will take some days.

There are many fake graphics chips that are supposed to be “new” or “cheaper”. We only use new, original graphics chips. They cost some money, but in the end they give the best results!

The cost of a graphics card repair

Prices vary from laptop to laptop according to the complexity of the computer and the prices of the various components.

The price usually ranges around 700-800 NIS including VAT for more simple notebooks, for more complex laptops, MacBooks, iMacs the price is higher. The best thing is to bring your laptop to our lab for an analysis.

Since this repair makes us to disassemble a laptop, at this price you will also receive a thorough hardware cleaning of the cooling system and inside.

For further questions, please contact us!


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